SMS Instructions

  1. Compose email to [CELLPHONE]

    1. Examples: or

  2. In the body of the email, delete any signatures or any previous email conversations.

    1. Leaving them will impact the length of the message and potentially split the text message into many unintended  segments or send duplicate messages.

  3. Click Send - The other party will receive the text contained ONLY in the body of the email. The ‘Subject’ line will be ignored

  4. When replying to an incoming text that arrived into your email inbox.  Don't forget to delete all previous conversations or email signatures to prevent sending unnecessary or duplicate messages.

  5. Any replies to you will appear as a new message in your email inbox.

Only email addresses that were added to the account will be able to send or receive text to email messages.

Click HERE for a downloadable, printable, version of these instructions.