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Since 2005, Jivetel has been at the cutting-edge of the developing communications industry, providing small to mid-sized clients with the very latest in cloud-based communication solutions. With a passion for perfection, Jivetel has earned the trust and confidence of corporate and nonprofit clients from across the spectrum who value the sense of partnership and cherish the personal relationship they share with Jivetel. In a recent survey, an astounding 98% of our clients rated Jivetel as exceeding their expectations in functionality, reliability, expertise, responsiveness and overall satisfaction.

Now we are taking another step in our journey with you, our customer, by providing comprehensive answers to your most common questions.

The Jivetel Customer Control Panel

We have created the Jivetel Control Panel to allow our customers to see the details of their account and manipulate options. Follow the link below to find instructions for how to effectively use the portal.

Control Panel Instruction Guide

Documents and Guides

How to check your Voicemail

SMS Instructions

Fax Instructions

Current Headset Options

Downloadable Device and Billing Documents

Contact Us!

Toll Free: 855-444-5483

USA: 845-364-7000

Israel: 02-540-2120 

  • The menu options are the same for all numbers:
    1-Sales, 2-Tech, 3-Billing, 4-Hours

Fax: 718-795-1666 or 072-274-0122

You can also email us at the addresses below: