Jivetel Portal

We have created the Jivetel Control Panel to allow our customers to see the details of their account and manipulate a few options. Here you will find instructions for how to effectively use the portal. 

To access it, someone in our customer service department must first setup a login for you. Call 855-444-JIVE or email us your request to billing@jivetel.com and we will create a user name and temporary password for you.

Once this is done, visit http://cp.jivetel.com by clicking this link, then log in.


There are two static menus that will remain visible and usable as you use the Jivetel Portal.

The black bar at the top of the screen will remain there as you navigate the site and provides quick access to a few key things.

  • Account Name - This will allow you to access your linked accounts, such as if you are a management company that handles more than one of our clients. Use the drop down arrow to swap between accounts. You can link additional accounts via "My Account Menu > Link Accounts".
  • Message Center - This feature will see more use in the future.
  • Open Tickets - This will take you to the "Help & Support" portion of the site where you can view and create help tickets.
  • My Account - This is a menu that deals with the account directly and has 4 options.

     Manage Profile

    This window allows you to change or update the email associated with your account as well as you name, phone number and password. Remember to select the appropriate "Update" button after making any alterations. If you do not wish to make any changes, click "Close".

     Manage Security Questions

    This window will allow you to change the security questions you will be asked if you login from an unrecognized device or need to reset your password. For security reasons, your current security questions will NOT be displayed, but you are allowed to set new ones. Your security question can be anything that you want, as well as the answer. Answer's ARE case sensitive! Click "Update" after making any changes.

     Link Accounts

    If you are a client or management company that has multiple accounts for any reason, this is where you can link them so you can swap between them with ease. Enter the required information using a recent statement from the account you want to link. Click "Submit" when you are done.


    This option will log you out of the Jivetel Portal.

On the left side of the screen is the primary navigation menu. Below you will find links for details about each section.


The dashboard is the default starting location when you launch the Jivetel Control Panel. Here you can see important and recent details about your account at a glance. Click the word "Dashboard" above for more details.

Manage Account

Account Information

This is where you can find the details for the primary account holder.


These are all of the addresses we have on your account.

Manage Logins

Setup and manage logins for employees that you want to have access to the Jivetel Control Panel.


Here you can manage voicemails for the numbers on your account.


This section allows you to search for specific call activity on your account. There are three sub-sections: Call Records, Fax Records, and SMS Records. Each sub-section will allow you to search in those records specifically, but otherwise the search window and options are the same.

 The Search Window

Enter as much information as you can to help you

 Sample Results


Manage Phone Lines

Manage the telephone lines/numbers themselves.

Manage Contacts

Manage the contacts that will appear on your phone's speed dial list.

Manage Fax Numbers

Manage the fax numbers on your account.


Manage advanced forwarding for numbers on your SIP PBX account.

 If you do not see this option available, then this feature probably does not apply to you. If you believe you should have this access, please call us at 855-444-JIVE to discuss it.


Here you can view details of statements on your account.


 Payment History - View all payments and credits for your account.

Here you can view all of the payments you have made on your account, as well as any credits that Jivetel may have applied. By clicking on the words in blue in the "Payment Type" column, you can see more details, such as the credit card number used or the check number.

 Payment Method - View and change the current payment method for your account.

Here you can see the current credit card information saved on your account. If you want to update/change the credit card on file, fill the fields in with the new information then select the blue "Update" button that will appear.

If there is no information listed here, then we do not have any credit card on file and it may indicate that you usually use a different payment method, such as checks or direct bank account debit (ACH).

 Make Payment - You can use this screen to make a payment.

If you want to make a payment on your account, this is where it would be done. Any payments will be processed using the credit card information that is on file. Clicking the "Update Credit Card Information" link will take you to the "Payment Method" screen where you can update/change the card on file.

Use the radio buttons to select the option you want to use, then click "Submit Payment".

Help & Support

This is where you can view and create help tickets for questions or updates on your account.